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Patek Philippe 5930G (5930) World Chronograph Watch Hands-on Operation

In 2016, Cheap Patek Philippe Replica Watches released the new 5930 series, which starts with a white gold 5930G. This is a world time chronograph. For us, this is a rare opportunity for us to see mechanical watches. The two most practical complications that can occur in an attractive combination. Patek Philippe The 5930G world time chronograph is also very attractive, but will this make this famous brand a winner?

Although the price is as high as more than 70,000 US dollars, we can say that the new Patek Philippe 5930 watch will have a certain wearing time on the wrist of the Patek collectors who travel around the world. For history buffs, it is worth noting that the 5930 and other modern Fake Patek Philippe Watches timetables were inspired by the 1940 Patek Philippe World Timeline.

It is worth mentioning that as a person who travels frequently abroad (only last year, I traveled around the world more than 6 times), I have first-hand experience using the world timer. However, for economic reasons, my watch is not made by Patek Philippe Replica Watches, but provides the basic functions of all real world time watches: you can read the time around the world at a glance. For anyone traveling and/or working with an international team, World Time watches are likely to be more useful, convenient, and faster than any electronic device on hand, such as a smartphone or even a smart watch.

The New World Timer Patek Philippe’s 5,930 g (5,930 g) has a thickness of 39.5 mm, which is larger than the other world time watches of the brand and has a thickness of nearly 12 mm. The white gold case is made to order, and all corners are polished and chamfered, making the Patek Philippe 5930 watch firmly on the wrist while maintaining the classic and timeless design of Patek Philippe Replica.

Patek Philippe 5930G currently only offers a 18k white gold dial and a blue dial with a matching blue alligator strap. Inside the dial is a beautiful, hand-made tapestry pattern that balances the rest of the dial while needing attention, which is more busy than most of the brand’s watches, with four information loops on it.

The first is the 24-hour rotating ring, which is divided into light and dark parts to indicate day and night, followed by the hand of the chapter ring with a clock count, no numbers, compromises, making the dial cleaner, and making reading time more difficult at a glance. Finally, on the periphery is a two-tiered city. Like the one on the 5230, it was updated to represent the new international city, all written in an all-capital font that is not particularly interesting.

So, how clear is it? The middle main dial may be slightly smaller by the four seemingly wide, busy rings around, but the size of the hand is the best, the indicator is big, so the whole The legibility of the book has not been affected. So, even if the near vision is not as good as it used to be, considering the target population, this may be a consideration, you can still make the hand of the hour and minute, the 24-hour disk, and the bold, formulaic city name.

Other noteworthy is that with the brethren, in 5230, the new hand and application indicators of the new Swiss Patek Philippe Watches 5930 g world time chronograph are full of luminescent paints that should help to see the current local time on these long-haul flights without having to bother your neighbors. And your seat.

The action of the Patek Philippe 5930G is the new CH 28-520 HU. In addition to the complexity of the world time, it also includes a 30-minute timer, a small and effective sub-dial on the 6-point mark. It consists of 343 parts and 38 jewels with a running time of 4 Hz, providing an energy reserve of at least 50 hours and a maximum of 55 hours – depending on whether the timing function is in use.

In my taste, the bigger situation and the traditional shorter hour hand and longer time-sharing hand are a popular addition. In my taste, there is a long white second hand, it is It was activated by other timing devices of the putter at 2 o’clock.

And the return chronograph has some tools. If you are a real pilot tracking the flight distance at the landmark, I am still thinking about how useful the half hour chronograph is for me as a business trip… I guess maybe the countdown how long I queued into the plane, or Better, when calling the flight attendant in the next drink. In my opinion, although Patek has done a technically impressive job in a recognized discrete way, the complexity of the timer—especially the register with only 30 minutes—is not like world time observation (world Time watch) is as useful.

Changing the local time is like moving clockwise at 10 o’clock, moving clockwise in the opposite direction. Our goal is to make it easier for local cities to locate your location around the world at 12 o’clock, relative to other time zones in the vicinity (represented by the city).

Patek Philippe’s world timer model (including the 5930) has updated the international city ring, reflecting the latest changes in the international time zone. Cities such as Buenos Aires, La Paz, São Paulo and Brisbane have seen new faces, while Caracas, Georgia and Rio de Janeiro have now left. Patek did not offer any customization options for their World Time watches, although I was convinced that a “special customer” could convince them. There is also no way to indicate a time zone of half an hour or even a quarter of an hour, and there is no way to specify daylight saving time. All of these are useful additions, including in other world timers, although usually sacrificed for readability.

When we had the opportunity to play at the Baselworld in 2016, the new Patek Philippe 5930 g (5930) was beautiful on the watch, and its finish and feel were all the Patek Philippe watches. Patek Philippe chose legibility in this new world time model, and the result is that this complex, simple, and easy-to-read watch retains the sheer purity common in the Calatrava collection. The slim shape, for me, is still a typical dress watch. The new Patek Philippe 5930G reference price is slightly higher than 73,000 Swiss francs. Similarly, it can only be purchased at white gold prices – but it is expected that the future 5930 World Time Iteration will be realized in the future.

Patek Philippe Nautilus 40th Anniversary 571 / 1p White Gold Watch

The 40th Anniversary of Nourilius 5711/1P, this slightly smaller three-handed device joins the huge 49.25 mm wide Nostrutus timer 5976/1G to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Noriulis. commemorate. When Patek launched Nourilius at 3700/1A in 1976, its 42mm wide shell quickly won its “giant” nickname. About forty years later, Patek had to double those numbers and launch 571 / 1p in a 44.05 mm wide, all-platinum shell. You just need to know this.

If the reference number of “P” does not already have it sent to all Patek Philippe Replica Watches nerds, a small Wesselton 5711/1P feature (namely rated high purity/clear range) sets the diamond to its border at 6 o’clock, marking it as being used most Expensive precious metals are commonly used for Swiss luxury watches. Since the first Noritzius in 1976, this bracelet has barely changed. It was one of the symbols of the original Gerald Genduz design.

The large case with a diameter of 44.05 mm is measured from 9 o’clock to 3 o’clock, including the crown. Measured from 10 to 4 o’clock, excluding the crown protector and the corresponding “ear” case, on the other hand, only 40 mm, Lug-to-lug Fake Patek Philippe Watches Nautilus 40th Anniversary 5711/1P is also a very wearable 44 mm (to give you an idea, the most round watch has a 42 mm diameter measuring 49-50 mm lug-to-lug). This is why a 44 mm box cannot actually be worn so large. In the past 40 years, the pressure rating of water has not changed much and remains at 120 meters.

In addition to platinum cases and bracelets, baton-style hour and minute hands are added in 18k white gold (second hand brass plated brass) and some large, hour-indicated dials with stepped cuts add an extra charm to the blue “garage door” Call the 40th anniversary of the Cheap Patek Philippe Replica Nautilus 5711/1P. The dial is a PVD blue 18k yellow gold, and the “40” in “1976-2016” is slightly more prominent and destructive than the 5976/1G timer. Blue is always good for Nordius.

The internal movement is the Patek Philippe Replica Automatic 324 SC, which powers the Nostrutus and other watches. It is characterized by time and center seconds and date, here at 3 o’clock on a white date wheel, along with other standard Patek fees such as Gyromax balance wheel, coil spring and of course, Patek Philippe’s seal. Despite all these benefits, the power reserve is rated to drop at 35-45 hours, only to accept, because the 324-sc is only 3.3-mm thick and includes a 21-carat gold rotor–although we are still unsure of the 10-hour approval change that can be made without a chronometer or Complex sports calendar complications.

In discussing 5976/1G, we briefly mentioned some history of Nautilus, but in the 175-year history of this brand, 40 years is relatively late. At this point, we surpassed the irony of a platinum version of the watch, which represents the luxury steel sports watch, which itself is ironic. A cool “retro” historical feature is the return of a brown natural cork box, a true replica of the original 1976 fashion. Like the original Noritius, it was created to evoke a vivid association with the pride of the ocean liner, which inspired the design of inadvertently elegant watches. This 40-year-old cork box, base and hinged lid both feature a polished stainless steel frame and a metal plate on the front, which is also a faithful replica of the 1976 original.

The platinum price for Patek Philippe Nautilus’s 40th anniversary (5711/1P) is 700 pieces per piece, which will reach US$113,400 – which is a much more complex inverse timepiece than white gold (5976) /1G) More expensive.

Patek Philippe Aquanaut Replica Platinum Watches

The annual Basel International Jewelery and Watch Fair has kicked off and the front-dispatch team has started work and they will bring you the latest, fastest and most comprehensive report on the show. Now, let us first appreciate the Swiss luxury replica watches brand Patek Philippe watch in the Basel watch show the latest watch real shot Larger photo:

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Aquanaut collection, Patek Philippe replica  watches introduced the Aquanaut Ref. 5168G in 18K white gold this year. With a 42mm case diameter, it becomes yet another “Jumbo” in Patek Philippe’s sporty watch.

42 mm 18K white gold case, full color outer ring, the inner deep retro, showing the watch a number of outstanding tabulation process integration, and gives a visual impression of a level, very ornamental.

Blue to black gradient embossed dial, covered with fluorescent coating of gold three-dimensional blocks, giving a firm and vigorous sensory enjoyment. The central three-pin and the 3 o’clock position of the date display window set off each other to show the unique meaning of the watch. Gold three-dimensional white hour markers and minutes is more time for the wearer to bring more intuitive and convenient time information, making the watch reliability and practicality greatly enhanced.

Powered by the 324 S C self-winding movement with power savings of at least 35 hours and up to 45 hours, the movement features Patek Philippe’s signature to ensure the precise operation of the watch’s various functions.

Equipped with midnight blue “Tropical” composite strap, looks exactly the same with the dial decoration, is very ornamental. Equipped with Aquanaut folding clasp, engraved Fake Patek Philippe LOGO on the clasp, a unique combination of the brand to show the unique style.