Luxury Patek Philippe World Time Watch Ref.5230G Replica Watch

Patek Philippe World Time Watch Ref.5230G replica watch world time watch, can display 24 standard time zone hours. Comes with a 38.5 mm white gold or rose gold case. The bold hands of various shapes rotate above the dial, and the center of the dial is decorated with exquisite guilloche patterns and anthracite.

Luxury replica World Time Watch Ref. 5230G retains the simplicity of time setting: the traveler brings the desired time zone to the top of the dial by pressing the button at 10 places. At the same time, the 24-hour ring and the hollow hour hand are jumping and staying in sync. As a positioning aid, the night time from 6 pm to 6 am is printed on the black background of the hour ring. The suffix “HU” stands for absolute universal time, that is, universal time.