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Affected by the sharp appreciation of the Swiss replica watches, major Swiss groups and brands have taken a number of measures to deal with this, including price increases for some brands in the euro zone market and price cuts in Asia, especially China and Hong Kong. Patek Philippe made a price adjustment strategy earlier. In March 2015, it cut prices in Hong Kong and China. At that time, the price of patek philippe replica watches were reduced to HK $185900. Before the price reduction, the public price of patek philippe replica watches in China was 222700 yuan. After the price reduction and the correction in September, the public price of this replica watch was 187100 yuan, further stimulating the coldness of the sales market in 2015. Due to the drop in price and the fact that the watch is a classic entry-level model, it is not available in stock at either Patek Philippe Yuandi in Beijing or Shanghai at present. Reservation needs to wait 1-3 months.

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