Patek Philippe 5270 Million Calendar Chronograph Practical Watch

Patek Philippe original referee. Published in 5270, 2011, we introduced. I am not usually the main Patek Philippe watch enthusiast, but for me this model is at a different level. I would like to say that if I had to choose some of the Patek Philippe Replica Watches collections, it would have some versions of the Patek Philippe 5270 Perpetual Calendar. Its simple, straightforward look is deceptive once you learn that Patek Philippe’s model includes a collection of “big complications” in them. Although this label mainly refers to the complexity of sports in nature, it also means that this type of model will not be in retail stores, considering that they are difficult to come naturally. And the standard Patek Philippe watches may be common, the big complex model of this family love is in the collection field.

Let’s take a look at three new 5270 Patek Philippe watches (one of which is 5271), the new 2014. There is no real definition of the term “big complications,” but I mainly use it to refer to the movement of the watch combined with a chronograph, a perpetual calendar, and a minute repeater. This watch has no latter so I am not sure what you said, but if Cheap Patek Philippe Replica Watches wants to treat it as a “big complication,” no one will stop them. Let me really fall in love with the Patek Philippe 5270 collection size, and the dial design, as well as super legibility, Patek Philippe is good at when they really try to give a combination of dial layout decisions and materials.

At 41mm wide, this is the bigger “classic” Patek Philippe watch. Other collections of this family in Patek Philippe watches are more historical and smaller, at 40 mm wide. This is the first “modern” classic Swiss Patek Philippe Watches, look at my radar and wrist, I like this feeling. Look at the party style, it looks so cute, it won’t feel too small for the wrist, given my taste. Here I think that Patek Philippe hits the sweet spot. Classic watch lovers often feel that Patek Philippe watches are not quite exciting or modern.

The first Patek Philippe 5270 (5270g) from 2011 has a silver-plated dial and black oxidized gold hand and hour markers, very cool. The two 2014 5270g and 5271 models use a more traditional white gold hour mark and hand, but the callability is still very good. Patek Philippe is done with a clever hand, for example, it is not particularly polished and is not particularly glossy. What you get is a great level with Platinum even against the white dial. The small touch is why people often go to Fake Patek Philippe Watches because these small details are an important part of the secret weapon of high-end watches.

In the 5270 and 5271 dials of Patek Philippe watches, you will find similar improvements. Although Patek Philippe Replica has been learning materials and perfect small elements for many years, you will see a high level of complexity in the layout and information of the dial. Here, the 12-hour time and the perpetual calendar are in harmony. Balancing the window between 4 and 5 points, showing the leap year cycle, Patek Philippe includes an adjacent window acting as an indicator of day and night (AM / PM) between 7 and 8 o’clock. Not only did it add an extra complication, but it also created a welcome symmetrical dial design.

Patek Philippe also continues to use peripheral dialing scales, such as the tachymeter for 5270 years. No one uses this feature (applicable to chronographs measuring the speed of moving objects), but you can consider past vestiges still useful, giving the dial space and visual interest. Brands such as Patek Philippe are not only concerned with the design of the dial that is symmetrically balanced, but where the balanced items are placed. The dial should not feel too much in one area, although there are too many gaps. Patek Philippe is very good at ensuring that this type of harmony exists in the design of the dial.

Two 2014 Patek Philippe 5270 g models in 18 k white gold, at 5271 p platinum. With a white dial, Patek Philippe 5270 g-013 and blue dial version is 5270 g-014. No other gold version of the Patek Philippe 5270 was released. I don’t fully understand why there are different names in 5271, but I can only assume that it has a lot of diamond decorations. While mechanical watch purists often struggle with diamonds, Patek Philippe has a powerful watch that is decorated with diamonds that are of interest to customers in many countries. As a result, the Patek Philippe 5271 p-001 platinum case and 58-inlaid diamond-cut bezel and lugs (about 3.63 ct) make it particularly attractive to some customers.

The three watches share the same movement, which is internally produced and designed by the Patek Philippe Caliber CH 29-535 PS Q: Hand-made winding, 65-hour power reserve and sporting characteristics will be perfect if it has a power reserve indicator ( Said, the movement behind). Even without the utility of the Power Reserve Indicator, the CH 29-535 PS Q is a very cute mechanism, and fortunately the watch can be passed through the back sapphire crystal window.

As a modern Patek Philippe sport, it has such features as their Gyromax balance wheel (actually not all new), but it lacks some interesting Spiromax silicon parts for other new Patek Philippe watches. This is a deliberate decision because brands such as Patek Philippe remain neutral and how they want to handle the silicon segment. While there are many unique performance advantages using mechanical motion of silicon components, there is ongoing debate about how easy it will be to make the silicon part in the future, and finally the silicon part as time goes by. Some purists even believe that the silicon part is not moving in a “traditional” mechanical watch.

Operating 4 Hz (28800 bph), the movement is hand-finished very beautiful and should satisfy even the most discerning observational movement of the villain. The movement produced in part from 456 years. This is purely typical in its execution, without any decorative and avant-garde design elements. This is the purest form of Swiss watch conservatism, and it is exactly what we expect from Patek Philippe.

The decorative elements are small in the case of Patek Philippe 5270 or 5271, but they do exist. Note, for example, that the lugs are slightly erupted, allowing the overall design to have more characters. There are business rectangles and round timepieces and promoters. Patek Philippe is also sure to give 18k yellow or white gold, with mirror finish and surface finish to ensure an elegant decoration to look at the wrist. In 5270 and 5271 the Patek Philippe watch was a black crocodile belt with a Patek Philippe logo deployant hook. Don’t go swimming with them because the situation is only 30 meters waterproof.

For many watch enthusiasts, like Patek Philippe watches 5270g or 5271p summarizing the design and class of the highest point. For others, they represent an elegant history, and today it feels boring, considering other more progressive design brands. Already said that no one has entered a Patek Philippe store looking for any avant-garde or art. Having one of them is the degree of purchase history. Your investment in an eternal design will still attract a lot of people after you die – this is really the theme of Patek Philippe. The starting point for understanding Patek Philippe as a brand is to help people understand the Patek Philippe watch like the 5270. Say, the more modern 41mm wide case size and cute appearance, this is the day in the former Patek Philippe clocks, if you have enough resources. The Patek Philippe 5270 g model is priced at $176,300 and the Patek Philippe 5271 p-001 diamond retails at $280,000.