Patek Philippe 5170P-001 Platinum Diamond Watch

Why, I mean, why do high-end luxury watches have reflective crystals? This is a question we may never know the final answer. Patek Philippe Replica 5170P-001 definitely does not help solve this problem; but otherwise, it is still a watch. Let’s take a closer look.

When I look back at my impression of this pretty man who looks good, I can feel the anger and frustration coming to me quietly. It’s like seeing Mona Lisa being redrawn by a large cleavage, or Munch’s “Scream” becomes an emoji. What I can see is something that I have painstakingly thought out, being carried out to the most detailed details, and then destroyed, just to impress the constantly distracting modern onlookers.

My only theoretical reflection on the existence of crystals, such as Patek Philippe Replica Watches 5170 p-001, is its choice because it looks more impressive and expensive. In the eyes of laymen, the vast prosperous watch industry has experienced affirmation over the past two years. Bringing a large number of untrained customers, through nature, flock to famous credit brands. I mean, imagine the following scene.

A customer walked into a boutique and asked for “some flashy but tasteless things… this was what I learned last time.” “The store provided a seat and a glass of sparkling wine. After a while, he let The boutique staff handed him one of the beautiful women with their hands in white gloves – because their humble human skin is not allowed to touch precious materials such as pure white gold or sapphires.” When the spotlight is like the sky When the star shines on the device, the watch reflects the light back to the future customer, making his eyes inexhaustible, so that they can’t focus on the small price tag on the inside of the tape.

His eyes were tired of watching their lives as he drove past his colorful Maybach from the civilians. He did his best to stare at the curved, proud, unplated crystal, desperately searching for the upcoming feast that they could feel. Their efforts have paid off enormously: nine huge, French-shaped long-cut diamonds gleamed behind their backs – “just around a fifth of a carat,” his well-trained nouveau riche’s eyes He whispered softly and the staff applauded almost appreciatively. It is about 0.23ct.

When an observation angle was discovered, the entire ceiling and other parts of the store were not reflected back to the customer, and a vibrant, but noble blue dial began to appear, completed by subtle sunlight. No deep trenches or any rubbish, just the lightest touch on the surface. After a while, it is clear that the 5170P is not the color of the dial, but the gorgeous French long-shaped diamonds – to be fair, these diamonds have a glorious struggle with the reflected light, because they will also There are countless ways to scatter light.

Diamond markers play a role in splitting power among watch enthusiasts. Those who are more confident about their tastes (or other things, maybe?) will actively look for opportunities to overreact, so they even think that diamond markers are a personal attack. They want to be able to say their extremely conservative tastes whenever possible, because this is a safe place they can trust, where they are in harmony with the soft wall of watch-conservative conservatism, without any mistakes.

On watches made by Patek Philippe, more people even avoid wearing diamonds, while on the other hand, Cheap Patek Philippe Replica Watches is also very friendly to consumers. On the positive side, other people really like the diamond time stamp and (I am really shameful?) I belong to the fall of this group of watches. If we are honest, any watch over $1,000 is to some extent an over-luxury quality – considering this (especially when you spend five digits of money), the diamond time stamp sounds better than It’s more natural in the past.

The 39.4 mm wide platinum case may be only 10.9 mm thick – the ratio of the Patek Philippe 5170P is just right – but it still has a considerable weight. As shown by the “P” in the reference number and the weight on the wrist, the 5170 is made from the most expensive luxury watch material. In the Fake Patek Philippe Watches, this watch also needs to be set with a small diamond between the lower lugs of the watch. This is just to remind you that you only need the best (or the most expensive) in the world. The watch will do.

Speaking of the best, the hand-rolled Patek Philippe Caliber CH 29-535 PS is indeed the best classic luxury timed sport, without leaving any space for different tastes or arguments. The technically poor horizontal clutch constitutes an aesthetically superior return shell – the two continuously connected wheels on the left hand side moving in the above picture, slightly engaging the wheels of the chronograph center at the beginning of the timing.

The column wheel is hidden under a highly polished hat, as shown in the picture above. This is an eccentric cap that allows fine-tuning of the above clutch – as you can see, there is a pretty pretty curved arm that connects the two meshing wheels with the column wheel itself. When the chronograph’s starter lever is engaged, the column wheel under the top cover rotates, so the arm is placed between the columns of the column wheel, thus slightly moving the second of the two drive wheels to make it start and center Wheel engagement. The distance the arm took was a tough tweak. The hat was meant to help me – but I still prefer to see a well-functioning timer with an exposed column wheel. I think it has been enough today.

The beauty of hand-made timing chronographs is that you can have all the beautiful things. No complicated rotor is always on the road. The CH 29-535 PS has a power reserve of at least 65 hours, allowing the Gyromax balance and Breguet-style hair clips to complete 4Hz ballet in more than two days. From Friday night to Monday morning, 65 hours is enough for the 5170-pence watch to go all the way – this is what every 36mm wide high-end watch can do.

Regardless of all the features, 29-535 is very beautiful, I even say it is a must-have for every collector’s career. It is not necessarily a lifelong recorder, but a benchmark for every modern high-end timer. No one should be a copy of this, don’t misunderstand me, but there should be solid reasons for this layout and any changes to these ratios – enhanced functionality, higher performance, and more. The huge balance wheel seen in Patek’s vintage timers undoubtedly adds a more traditional style, but if you want modern frequency and balance wheel design, you must accept a smaller balance as a reasonable compromise.

Back to the dial-up just for a more serious pass, the Swiss Patek Philippe Watches 5170P is a fun beast. The watch market is not lacking in platinized, thick-drilled watches, but one thing tells me that in the hippie scene, no one will see the 5170P in any of their videos. No, the 5170P is more like a rich grandfather wearing a diamond cufflink: it’s weird, but when you face each other, you might want to leave your opinion to yourself.

Patek Philippe 5170P is very interesting, because I can imagine that for some people, it is a very good product, and for many people, it is quite old. As far as I am concerned, no matter what I said or what I did, I think this is correct. This is true, because it proudly exposes the lion’s teeth to the front, taking the stolen wealth of a stolen wealth, a diamond and a platinum, to a new level. I mean, there are no diamonds and low-lying rose gold. This is already a watch worth $750,000. Why not let it live?

The last thing to consider is how the big brand’s finely crafted watches can have a certain charm, even though these watches are a little ostentatious – the 5170P is almost a good example. However, when we talk about superior execution, reflective crystals really shouldn’t be part of the discussion. Readability should not be sacrificed for any reason, which is why French bread labels are so easy to use: they are too unnecessary and extravagant in design. The destroyed crystal can’t say that. I know this may work in a fashion store, but in any other place, this is an inexplicable failure. It’s like shaking a watch in a perfect tuxedo and then walking around with the stains on the lapel.

In short, I found that the 5170P is one of the brand’s most interesting new products recently. It is worth noting that it is equipped with Patek Philippe’s sophisticated chronograph dial with a huge dial and its diamonds. Basil Fawlty said “a taste.” The price of the Patek Philippe 5170P Platinum Timer is 85,000 Swiss francs.