Millions of luxury replica watches have what “valuable” place

When a watch, the price of more than one million, many people will feel incredible, because for the vast majority of people spend millions to buy a watch, it is crazy, but there is a handful of rich, willing to spend Millions to buy a watch, even spend tens of millions There are also, so think about it, although the class of personality is gone, but the economic class still exists. So what kind of thing, can make such a small watch, the price of more than one million? Even a piece of gold, only a few hundred thousand only, but there are some things, more expensive than gold.

Patek Philippe super complex timing series 6104G-001 watch
Domestic price: RMB 2920600
Watch diameter: 44 mm
Watch thickness: –
Movement Type: Automatic Machinery
Case material: white gold
Waterproof depth: 30 meters
Watch Comments: First to say that a million-watt Patek Philippe fake watches, 6104G, Patek Philippe’s super-complex functions are generally expensive, like this super-table complex complicated than the average table is complicated. Let’s talk about the features, the date shows the sky pattern, the sky map, the moon phase, the moon trajectory, Sirius and moon transit time, the pointer date display, it is clear that this is not a general function of the watch, In pocket watches and chronographs, watches with these features are all extremely sophisticated, while condensing the complicated parts into smaller watches requires extremely elaborate workmanship and sophisticated mechanical construction. Therefore, it is extremely complex, high technology, astronomy, Patek Philippe brand, of course, is also very rare, of course, 22 diamonds also worth some money, although the value of the entire table and only a little bit of value. In addition, in addition to Patek Philippe replica, few brands can do and dare to do such a watch.

JACQUELO Art Workshop Series J031534200 watch
Domestic price: RMB 3678500
Watch diameter: 47 mm
Watch thickness: 15.75 mm
Movement Type: Manual Machinery
Case material: 18K white gold
Waterproof depth: 60 meters
Watch Comments: Jacquier’s mobile doll watches, has always been very expensive, because the doll is indeed very difficult to do. This watch is introduced last year’s watch, with a bird song function, the mechanical activities of the “bird” structure, through the mechanical way, vividly show the bird flapping, tweeting, turn around and so on action, and use Piston structure, imitating the sound of birdsong. And all of these are contained in a space that is as small as your wrist, with the same great craftsmanship. In addition, after the masters of the brand process outline, the mother of pearl dial engraved with the effect of ink painting, showing the Swiss scenery, such a fine job, is not easy.

Richard Mills Men’s Series RM 27-02 watch
Domestic price: RMB 4975000
Watch diameter: 47.77 * 39.7 mm
Watch thickness: 12.25 mm
Movement Type: Manual Machinery
Case Material: QTPT stone
Watch Comments: The price of nearly 5000000, equivalent to a city of first-tier cities in a house, I really wear in my hands quite staggering. The watch, designed by RM for its long-time partner Nadal, must be extremely lightweight, impact-resistant, wear-resistant and comfortable to wear in order to be able to wear it on Rafael Nadal’s hands. RM is very good at using unconventional materials to make watches. This time using QTPT materials, it is not only light but also very durable because it is made of 600 layers of material with cross-combination of only 45 micrometers in thickness. Very strong Of course, its movement is also unusual, but also with a tourbillon, rotating barrel provides best replica watches review 70 hours of balanced power, the unique design of the crown with the device to prevent over-winding. Obviously, it has gone beyond the traditional material value and craft value, but a conceptual value.
Summary: What is the price? Economics tells us that the price is determined by the value, but the value is hard to measure. Therefore, in our common economic law, the price is often determined by the market. When someone is willing to pay such a price, it is worth price. Finally, these super-millions of tables, why you can value so much money? Is that it is beyond the shackles of traditional watchmaking, there is a metaphysical process and the concept of the ultimate in them, in addition, they are very rare, of course, because someone bought.