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Patek Philippe Replica 240 Movement 40 anniversary watch new work

Founded 178 years ago, Patek Philippe, one of the most respected watch brands in the world today, has survived generations of trials to its fullest potential, but one of the most important factors is that It is Patek Philippe in every generation in distant history, always able to continue to create a masterpiece of the process of creating a miracle classic, rolling the glory of the brand stop.

Despite participating in the development of the Beta 21 quartz movement in the late 1960s and fully mastering advanced technologies, Patek Philippe has always believed that top mechanical luxury replica watches review have an enduring value over generations. Therefore, Patek Philippe is determined to develop a thin and delicate enough to match the quartz movement, Elegant and moving self-winding mechanical movement. To this end, the traditional central swinging apparently can not be applied. In contrast, the brand uses a small eccentrically placed Tuo Tuo design, can be completely embedded in the movement of the floor, making the overall movement more flat, and in 1977 for the first time published this exquisite 240 movement.

For example, forty years before the quartz watch crisis caused a serious impact on Swiss watches, Patek Philippe Replica bravely invested in the creation of a completely new mechanical movement in the autumn of its existence to face it. The result is the Caliber 240 self-winding movement, launched in 1977. Its slim, elegant body, its durability, quality and elegance have helped Patek Philippe win lasting values ​​beyond generation. For 40 years, Patek Philippe has been refining its 240 caliber and not only has developed a variety of aesthetics and functions, including small seconds, date display, world time zone, hollowing out, moon phase and power reserve display, calendar and Celestial sky display Outstanding movement series, repeated breakthroughs in materials and mechanical technology; such as the development of a patented Silinvar ® material Spiromax® spring, Pulsomax® escapement and GyromaxSi • balance wheel, etc., improved gears group gear Shape, thereby reducing the loss, so that the movement is more accurate, higher power reserve capacity, and thus shape the rolling 40 years of 240 movement legend.

Patek Philippe 240 movement in 1977 took the lead in the Golden Ellipse Ref.3738 ultra-thin watch.

Patek Philippe 6102P-001 Platinum Case, 44 mm Dial in Blue Starface, Hours, Minutes, Sun, Sun, Hour, Minute and Lunar Month 240 LU CL C Self-winding movement, 48 hours Power reserve, waterproof 30 meters, crocodile leather strap.

The 6102P features a 240 LU CL C self-winding movement, one of the most complex of the 240 movement series.
To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the 240 movement, Patek Philippe unveiled at Basel Watch this year four new models equipped with this movement series, including the 6006G watch with a flowery geometric line panel, enameled with Azulejo tiles The iconic 5089G “Azulejos” limited edition watch, the 4899 / 900G fine jewelery ladies’ watch with feminine elegance, and the 5180 / 1R “Squelette” watch with a hollow movement. The complex features are 5940 and 71.4 million calendar, respectively, launched a new style of rose gold and platinum materials. In addition, the world time watch, respectively, 5131 / 1P and 7130G men and women new listing, then, and let us present in the next article for you.

After 40 years of research and development, the 240 Movement Series has evolved into a wide variety of applications including small seconds, date display, world time zone, cutout, moon phase and power reserve display, calendar and Celestial sky display, A movement can be long, can be large, far away.