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Patek Philippe Nautilus 40th Anniversary 571 / 1p White Gold Watch

The 40th Anniversary of Nourilius 5711/1P, this slightly smaller three-handed device joins the huge 49.25 mm wide Nostrutus timer 5976/1G to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Noriulis. commemorate. When Patek launched Nourilius at 3700/1A in 1976, its 42mm wide shell quickly won its “giant” nickname. About forty years later, Patek had to double those numbers and launch 571 / 1p in a 44.05 mm wide, all-platinum shell. You just need to know this.

If the reference number of “P” does not already have it sent to all Patek Philippe Replica Watches nerds, a small Wesselton 5711/1P feature (namely rated high purity/clear range) sets the diamond to its border at 6 o’clock, marking it as being used most Expensive precious metals are commonly used for Swiss luxury watches. Since the first Noritzius in 1976, this bracelet has barely changed. It was one of the symbols of the original Gerald Genduz design.

The large case with a diameter of 44.05 mm is measured from 9 o’clock to 3 o’clock, including the crown. Measured from 10 to 4 o’clock, excluding the crown protector and the corresponding “ear” case, on the other hand, only 40 mm, Lug-to-lug Fake Patek Philippe Watches Nautilus 40th Anniversary 5711/1P is also a very wearable 44 mm (to give you an idea, the most round watch has a 42 mm diameter measuring 49-50 mm lug-to-lug). This is why a 44 mm box cannot actually be worn so large. In the past 40 years, the pressure rating of water has not changed much and remains at 120 meters.

In addition to platinum cases and bracelets, baton-style hour and minute hands are added in 18k white gold (second hand brass plated brass) and some large, hour-indicated dials with stepped cuts add an extra charm to the blue “garage door” Call the 40th anniversary of the Cheap Patek Philippe Replica Nautilus 5711/1P. The dial is a PVD blue 18k yellow gold, and the “40” in “1976-2016” is slightly more prominent and destructive than the 5976/1G timer. Blue is always good for Nordius.

The internal movement is the Patek Philippe Replica Automatic 324 SC, which powers the Nostrutus and other watches. It is characterized by time and center seconds and date, here at 3 o’clock on a white date wheel, along with other standard Patek fees such as Gyromax balance wheel, coil spring and of course, Patek Philippe’s seal. Despite all these benefits, the power reserve is rated to drop at 35-45 hours, only to accept, because the 324-sc is only 3.3-mm thick and includes a 21-carat gold rotor–although we are still unsure of the 10-hour approval change that can be made without a chronometer or Complex sports calendar complications.

In discussing 5976/1G, we briefly mentioned some history of Nautilus, but in the 175-year history of this brand, 40 years is relatively late. At this point, we surpassed the irony of a platinum version of the watch, which represents the luxury steel sports watch, which itself is ironic. A cool “retro” historical feature is the return of a brown natural cork box, a true replica of the original 1976 fashion. Like the original Noritius, it was created to evoke a vivid association with the pride of the ocean liner, which inspired the design of inadvertently elegant watches. This 40-year-old cork box, base and hinged lid both feature a polished stainless steel frame and a metal plate on the front, which is also a faithful replica of the 1976 original.

The platinum price for Patek Philippe Nautilus’s 40th anniversary (5711/1P) is 700 pieces per piece, which will reach US$113,400 – which is a much more complex inverse timepiece than white gold (5976) /1G) More expensive.

Patek Philippe exquisite hand-retouch art

The refinement and refinement of Patek Philippe Replica is based on respect for tradition and culture of excellence, in which handwork is a key element. The appearance of a watch depends largely on the dial, in fact, the dial is often underestimated this element, only by hand to truly reflect its value. For Patek Philippe watches, finishing quality is crucial, automation and standardization technology can not match. No matter what kind of dial material, only rely on a series of manual skills, to achieve the best aesthetic results.

Satin matte dial of the Ref. 5235 Almanac watch is uncommon in Patek Philippe cheap replica watches

Dial is not only a single object, but also the micro-world, the disk effect is determined by the application of specific technology. Even a seemingly unpretentious look requires expertise and craftsmanship, made by experienced artisans. Take Ref. 5235 as an example, its appearance is unusual in Patek Philippe watches. The body dial is satin-finished, just like the movement elements, although the surface area is much larger. The outer ring is milky white, the sub-dial is decorated with snail patterns, the hour-markers and minute tracks are fixed by transfer, and the week, month and date windows are chamfered and polished.
Nautilus watch dial is also true. The unique dial of this watch, embossed with Stamping horizontal embossed patterns. Nautilus Series 40th anniversary of the birth of the occasion, Patek Philippe produced a limited edition watch, gold blue dial inlaid rectangular diamond cutting, diamond inlaid, which can only be done by hand.

Ref. 5711 / 1P Nautilus 40th Anniversary Wrist Watch Rectangle Cut Diamond Replaces Time Stamp

Take the blanking operation, although completed by the machine, but must be guided by manpower. Shape the dial shape, the central hole and the window, polished brass floor, welding the bottom fixed dial, ready for the follow-up process. Ref. 5275 The Time Lapse Hour Watch is a process analogous to polish, dotting minute circles and transcribing Arabic numerals.
Human involvement is a key element for all dials made of precious materials and technical craftsmanship. A notch higher than the blanking is Guilloché – geometric patterns engraved into the dial with a noticeable solid thickness. Although the operation is done by the machine, the rose bed is not driven by electricity nor does it work automatically, but rather with the hand-eye coordination of the artisans, providing motivation and guidance. The dial can then be varnished, inlaid and transfer finished.

Ref. 5275 Time-lapse watch

The metal plate is pre-micro-pierced to become a dial that can be set with precious stones, and the inlay itself is done by hand. Craftsmen put each precious gem into the base, and then carefully enclose the surrounding metal ring – the gemstone may weigh only a few carats, less than a millimeter in diameter. In addition to gems, gold is also fixed on the dial time scale.
Patek Philippe is one of the few watchmakers that has never stopped making enamel dials using the most traditional techniques. Whether filigree, fill, inlay or micro-painted; single tone or colorful, Patek Philippe can fully grasp. And these technologies are highly specialized and without them a series of very elaborate manual operations, these enamel processes are simply impossible to reproduce. Make a backup dial, demarcate the color area, fill in the right amount of powder, and repeat the kiln calcination, which requires the human eye to examine the entire surface at each stage, predict the color change of the enamel, predict the finished color, and ensure that there is no slightest flaw.