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The Beatles already know that money can’t buy love. But it can buy you a watch that no one else has. Bernard Arnault, owner of LVMH, bought Patek Philippe Nautilus replica watches Ref 5740 / 1g perpetual calendar. You’ve seen it on the Internet – I’m talking about Tiffany’s blue. This watch has many views on aesthetics, but it also raises a very effective question: will Bernard Arnault, the owner of LVMH, also become the owner of Patek Philippe replica watches? Not a Patek Philippe watch – he can get any model he likes and customize it in the way he likes. I’m talking about the Patek Philippe replica brand.

You have seen what happened to Copy Nautilus after Patek Philippe announced that super ideal sports watches would be eliminated. Green Ref The 5711 / 1A ignited the world of fake watches and exploded when it launched a limited edition with a Tiffany blue dial. After this watch, the Rolex Oyster permanent watch with a similar dial color became a must-have alternative, and then the price soared in the parallel market.

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Buying Tiffany’s blue Nautilus replica 5740 / 1g perpetual calendar is not a big deal. This is not the case when you are the big boss of the luxury goods group that owns Tiffany & Co., and your son Alexandre is a board member of the famous jewelry brand. The photo caused a lot of different things, from various visual jokes on social media to people’s anger at the way the billionaire showed himself. Similarly, the rumor of 2019 suddenly revived in the memory of people in the watch industry, that is, Patek Philippe replica may be listed for sale.

Three years ago, rumors about the possible sale of the Geneva based manufacturer proved false. But since then, three years have passed, and many things will happen in three years. One thing is certain, that is, if Patek Philippe is listed for sale, it will trigger a bidding war among relevant parties. It’s impossible to have that much, because it needs strong financial strength – Patek Philippe replica estimates that sales exceed CHF 1.5 billion. Although not many sharks will participate in this crazy feeding, considering their size, the scene will be huge. Just like the number on the bill.

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Looking at LVMH’s current watch brand portfolio, including TAG Heuer, zenith, Bvlgari and Hublot replica, we can see that there is still room for classic watch manufacturing. Given LVMH’s financial strength, money is not a problem, although the price of replica Patek Philippe will be a premium. But if money is not a problem, what is it? First, Thierry stern, President of Patek Philippe, needs to be willing to sell the last independent, family owned Geneva watch manufacturer.

Second, stern needs to be willing to sell it to Arnault. When it comes to Arnault buying an independent luxury brand, history has proven that it is not always successful. In 2010, LVMH disclosed that it had quietly acquired 20.2% of herm è s shares. It seems that Bernard Arnault only needs to find a few successors of herm è s, who want to profit from it, so that herm è s, which has been transformed from a saddle manufacturer into a luxury brand, can become an LVMH company.

What are your thoughts on the matter?

What’s your opinion on this matter? Do you think Bernard Arnault wearing a Nautilus with a Tiffany blue dial is (clumsy?) Predicting something bigger? What will Patek Philippe replica watch become in the hands of the Arnault family? Would you like to see Swatch Group (I think it is more like a watch group than a luxury group) save Patek Philippe on a large scale? Or do you think all these rumors started with a post on instagram, and there is nothing but money that can buy anything you want in your heart? Of course, except for love. The wisdom of Paul and John still applies.

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Affected by the sharp appreciation of the Swiss replica watches, major Swiss groups and brands have taken a number of measures to deal with this, including price increases for some brands in the euro zone market and price cuts in Asia, especially China and Hong Kong. Patek Philippe made a price adjustment strategy earlier. In March 2015, it cut prices in Hong Kong and China. At that time, the price of patek philippe replica watches were reduced to HK $185900. Before the price reduction, the public price of patek philippe replica watches in China was 222700 yuan. After the price reduction and the correction in September, the public price of this replica watch was 187100 yuan, further stimulating the coldness of the sales market in 2015. Due to the drop in price and the fact that the watch is a classic entry-level model, it is not available in stock at either Patek Philippe Yuandi in Beijing or Shanghai at present. Reservation needs to wait 1-3 months.

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2022 Patek Philippe Replica watch is not one of the most popular brand of high-grade watches, and most are fake.There are many reasons, but there are two.So little first, each model of manufacturing high quality Patek Philippe Replica watches can bring a big payday forgers success – “replica” market high-grade watch never hot, experts say now pull – dollar – a – year business.Second, there are many different models and production line of patek philippe since the mid – 1800 – s,there is no single “alarm” function will immediately against theft.It is always a good idea to find a directory or a true luxury watch online photo, you are considering buying a great price, in order to compare the real watch you see.In the case of patek philippe, this method is more important, because the company’s models have different characteristics (in addition to quality) in the past two centuries.It is easier to find a fake patek philippe watch if you are willing to open it, but we don’t think you will have the opportunity to or nerve.

If you are not going to quit your jeweler screwdriver and magnifying glass deeply suspect sports watches, here are some Pointers to remember when trying to sniff out a fake patek philippe.Check the basic defects.The name spelling is correct?It said the Swiss?The screw is that true?Is the printing?Engraving perfect?Is the skin?Buttons are a sign of quality?Metals have a perfect end?Back off or tight?If the answers to these questions is no, then watch is not true.

I like to see the metal.Usually, cheap replica of using cheap metal development shape.This is especially obvious on the back side and a copy of the “gold”.Face/plate usually is another good indicator.Patek Philippe Replica online are usually printing defects.Get a magnifying glass.If you can’t get a magnifying glass will do a good job for this step.Look at the edge of the Numbers and markers.If they are not very crisp, 99% of the time.Check back.Come back with a lip, suggests that it is a kind of popular, replica.Patek philippe will never use an epidemic.

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