Which Patek Philippe Replica complex table, suitable for normal wear?

To tell you the truth, what kind of table is suitable for everyday wear? This kind of problem has its own problems. We own the hands of the table, which I usually happy to wear, which we wear, as long as we want, which table are suitable for normal wear. Then someone said, since you know this kind of content is unreasonable, why do you say that? Because of what Patek Philippe Replica usually wear for the topic, whether at home or abroad, are a lot of players like to talk about the topic. Just like шну Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren who used to buy food for the same. As for the PP which complex table for normal wear, I read some foreigners speak, I think really not suitable for China’s national conditions. Because some foreigners buy a good table, not good at home to buy. So, according to the actual situation in our country, I list some of the current “suitable for the daily wear complex PP.”

Patek Philippe 5396

Patek Philippe 5205
In fact, some brothers, I also understand the psychological. Patek Philippe entry table, like 5196,5296, or even count 5227,5153, these PP are three-pin table, “thin film” is up with the official at the end, the watch looked very simple, not complicated, that “also Almost “. The price of these watches at 200,000 up and down, because at a price of 200,000 in addition to PP, Rolex DD, Lange three-pin table, Audemars Piguet 26470 what will make people tangled. Patek Philippe’s advantage is not obvious. But then to the last price, up to 30 million up, Patek Philippe to the calendar table on the complex table, the advantage came out, because, like Rolex Skywalker, there is no other complex table. The Patek Philippe at this level of price, the choice of more, but also better to start, unlike the 5711 also over-priced. Therefore, this level of PP, there is a certain degree of complexity but not particularly top, complex kind, the actual price is good, good start with no effort, so it is suitable for wearing complex PP usually.
NO.1 Patek Philippe 5146
Patek Philippe 5146

“The most suitable for daily wear complex PP” The first is certainly 5146. There are two reasons, one is that it is a calendar, in the classification of Patek Philippe, count as “complicated function timing”, complicated enough; the second is, 5146 it is cheaper and easy to buy.
5146 is a Patek Philippe’s automatic winding calendar. Calendar features usually see a date, week, month is very convenient, but there is a move 5146 shows. I used to think that this feature is not useful to move storage, and later wearing a display can be displayed after the power table (especially Universal, Blancpain power for several days), we found that there is a dynamic display quite convenient, at least you can know the table Probably how long can go. For the hands of the table more, every day for wearing a brother, it is practical. Almanac, moving storage, moon phase, so that the 5146 disk looks more complicated, and cheaper than it 5227, from the way it opened the distance. As the saying goes, “is good.”

Patek Philippe 5146
The 5146 is the cheapest one in Patek Philippe’s “Complications Clock”, and it is abundantly supplied, not the kind of table that is too expensive to buy. 5146 Just want to buy, you can always buy, and the actual price, market in the complex Patek Philippe is also the lowest kind.
NO.2 Patek Philippe 5396

Patek Philippe 5396
5146 To the previous table, that is 5396. 5396 as the “most suitable for everyday wear complex PP” reason, and 5146, complex enough, but also a little more complicated than the 5146; 5396 is also very easy to buy, but a little more expensive than the 5146.
5396 is a very good Patek Philippe calendar. Some people would say that are almanac, 5396 how the cattle than 5146? Because 5396 this table represents the Patek Philippe orthodox calatrava development context, that is, “Genghua Miao red.” You can easily see that the 5146 and 5396 look different, 5396’s time scale, pointers and other styles are the most classic Patek Philippe design, has a long history. The 5396 is a bit more complicated than the 5146 because the 5396 calendar week uses the window jump character in the month, which is a bit more complicated than the 5146’s pointer, but adds a 24-hour display (but no motivation to show ). Although they use the same movement (that is, the performance is not the same). It is also for these reasons, the 5396’s price is higher than the 5146.

Patek Philippe 5396
However, do not worry, the average 5396 is also relatively good to start, basically also want to buy the watch can buy at any time. But need to explain is that because of the 5396 version of many, such as the latest version is, Toffee pin plus Breguet words. You see the market better 5396, but not necessarily your favorite version. But just say we just buy a 5396, it is nothing difficult. The actual price of 5396, the market is also a relatively low level of complex PP.
NO.3 Patek Philippe 5205

Patek Philippe 5205
And 5396 is similar to 5205.5205 is usually more, more Evergreen PP calendar.
From 5396 to 5205,5205 even more direct. 5396 is the week, the month with a window jump words, 5205 is the date directly, the week, the month, 3 all with the window jump words. The same as the 5396 and other places, or 24-hour display and the moon phase. 5205 I really like it, because the three windows above the dial I feel good looking, in line with my aesthetic. And we can see that now some other brands of replica watches forum, but also the calendar, the window is also modeled on the 5205, showing how classic Patek Philippe layout.

Patek Philippe 5205
5205 is also better to buy, basically want to buy to buy, of which the actual price of 5205G platinum tend to be better. Because the 5205 and 5396 are about the same as the market price, the prices of these two tables are also similar. Look at who you like to look like.

NO.4 Patek Philippe 5524

Patek Philippe 5524
And in front of several Patek Philippe calendar table, the following table I want to say, from the start on the difficulty, the table is more difficult than the previous 3 a little bit. In other words, the amount on the market is less. There may need to wait, but the problem is not, and will not be over-priced. As long as the first to say that 5524.5524 is one of the Patek Philippe is not the most like Patek Philippe. The 5524 is a flight meter that looks different from any other Patek Philippe. But precisely because it is a flight luxury replica watches for sale, looks very sporty, stylish, a bit influx, so very suitable for normal wear.

Patek Philippe 5524
5524 And the previous few calendar is not the same, 5524 is a two time watch. When the two places is also very practical, especially those who often go abroad. When the 5524 was first introduced, all of a sudden it was on fire because the flight watch was so special. However, after a period of time, with the 5524’s cooling, the 5524’s market has slowly dropped. 5524 than the previous few calendar are hard to buy some. But wait a moment or some. Although the actual price of 5524 and 5396 this table is almost, 5524 actually cheaper than 5396 so a little bit cheaper. However, the actual market 5524 such a wave of large-caliber PP (42 mm) naturally more sought-after than the conventional Patek Philippe complicated table, so the actual price of 5524 than the 5396 those watches expensive, and a lot more expensive, the price will make some brothers tangled. For the color value of 5524, it will have to spend more money.
I have a more mouth, the end of 5524 is G ah, do not mistake the 5524 as a steel watch, 5524 but Platinum Yeah.

NO.5 Patek Philippe 5960A

Patek Philippe 5960A
In front of me a few tables, when writing the model, only wrote Patek Philippe 4 numbers, did not write the letters behind, because in front of a few tables, no matter what material, in addition to platinum P, nothing else too Big difference. But in 5960 here, we must emphasize that 5960A, A is the steel 5960. Because 5960 this watch is a chronograph calendar, complex functions, except for the A steel shell models, the price is higher, the price of 500000, 600000 level. However, Patek Philippe is very cattle, only out of a steel 5960A, 5960A is also a relatively rare top brands of steel complex table, the price down, the price of steel 5960A dropped to more than 380,000, cheaper A lot, so more people can start. And steel, mobility, “instrumental” relatively strong.

Patek Philippe 5960A
5960A compared to the precious metal shell 5960A, in addition to the steel shell, the watch dial surface has also been adjusted. Especially the white plate version, lilies, gold scales have done a black, coupled with red needles, flour, very cool. In addition 5960A is a steel chain, the whole watch is very strong sense of movement, wear the whole person are young ah. 5960A is definitely one of the most handsome Patek Philippe ah. The price of 5960A is about the same as 5396,5205 (5960A is slightly more expensive), but like the 5524, 5960A is too high and too cool for the 5560A, so it leads to 5960A and the actual price is also high Of these 5396,5205 these tables.
Really, 5960A I think it is “the most suitable for normal wear,” the complex PP, because the chronograph features sophisticated enough advanced enough watch a very high value, the shell is very resistant.

Finally, I still have to say about Nautilus

Patek Philippe 5712
I believe someone will say that you have said so many tables, why no Nautilus? This is the case, we can see that the complex PP I mentioned earlier, in fact, are available on the market more easily models, and are all good prices model. If you put aside the market situation, said a single watch, then 5712,5726 are a good choice ah. However, such a table Nautilus, such as 5712A this table, it is more difficult to buy than the 5146, 5396, 5205 and so these tables high, and the actual price is higher than these tables. A not too good to buy at the same time the price is not very good table, I put it out for everyone to recommend, so that brothers buy buy, I think a little “unskilled” “not kind.”

Patek Philippe Replica Ref.5033P-001 “Cathedral” three asked calendar watch

Patek Philippe Replica Ref.5033P-001 “Cathedral” three asked almanac calendar has many very attractive elements, but first of all it is a subtle and reserved timepiece. The unique barrel case and elaborate Roman numeral hourglass prove that this is an advanced watch, but also masks the watch’s technical sophistication.

Hard to believe this Ref.5033P-001 watch has 15 years of history. Released in 2002, the best replica watches review is one of the 10 platinum watches specially tailored by Qatar. In the meantime, this is also the first time that Patek Philippe has integrated three questions and calendar functions.

Automatic movement by the micro-pendulum Tuo strings, and equipped with long gongs, for three repeater mechanism. The extra long gong makes the report more informative and distant, hence the name “cathedral” (bells).

One of the most appealing elements of this swiss clone watches is its simplicity and balance. Mechanism to support the calendar function placed in front of the movement, three asked hammer and 22K gold swing Tuo to take center stage. As always, the exquisite decoration of the exquisite movement, and engraved Geneva Seal, that the quality of evidence.

The same elegance of the front of the watch, not only because of subtle two-tone dial, but also because of the perfect layout of the calendar window. Combined with the small seconds at 6 o’clock position, the entire disk dynamic, charming, but not significantly overplayed.

Patek Philippe Ref.5033P-001 “Cathedral” three asked Almanac wristwatch clever integration of the three repeater and calendar features elegant, rare, is the perfect choice for the collection of advanced. The watch is valued at 270,000 to 400,000 Swiss francs and eventually sold at Christie’s at a price of 336,600 Swiss francs.

Patek Philippe Calatrava Replica two of its history of important models

Today, the original model that came out in 1932 has become a design icon, after which the Calatrava series watch are derived. The original Ref.96 watch emphasizes the concept of formally compliant Bauhaus, providing a blueprint for the ultimate dress code and drawing inspiration from Patek Philippe Replica Watches Sale and other brands. In this article, we will learn more about some of Calatrava watches, a collection of historic and highly collectible items. Need to explain, the following is not an exhaustive list, but I think the most symbolic representatives.

Patek Philippe Calatrava Series Ref.565 and Ref.570 watch
· Patek Philippe Calatrava Series Ref.570 watch

Although the original Ref.96 watch perfect ratio, but there are “fatal” flaw: Case size, diameter of only 31 mm. Although the small size case was more prevalent at the time, 31mm was still too small. In recognition of this, Patek Philippe introduced the Calatrava Collection Ref. 655 and Ref. 570 watch in 1938. Both models are designed to be identical to the Ref.96 but the case diameter is expanded to 35.5 mm, which was considered “oversized” at that time. Ref.570 watch is very popular, has been continuing production for 30 years, the main application of precious metals, and with different types of dial design.

The Patek Philippe Calatrava Collection Ref. 570 watch is also equipped with a “coin rim” case, angular bezel and integrated lugs. Like the Ref. 96 watch, there are many variants of this model: the central seconds hand; the small second hand (6 o’clock position); the classic dial with stick-in-time markers; the partition dial; or even the two-tone dial with the Breguet inlaid Patek Philippe may be one of the most representative design). Most of the Ref.570 variants are equipped with the same 12-120 movement as the Ref.96.
· Patek Philippe Calatrava Series Ref.565 watch

Patek Philippe Calatrava Replica Series Ref.565 watch has become more practical, its style at the time it seems unique. This is one of the first Patek Philippe models to be produced in stainless steel (although there are some variants of precious metal), and the Ref.565 with a screw-on bottom makes the Calatrava’s first large-size waterproof timepiece. Case design is also slightly different, shell, bezel and lugs into one (Ref.570 watch bezel for later added). In contrast, Ref.565 watch more angular, more exercise, but also very modern (taking into account created nearly 80 years ago). Ref.570 and watch the same watch, Ref.565 watch also offers a variety of designs: the central second hand; small seconds (6 o’clock position); fluorescent dial (part of the military style design); partitioned dials; Breguet digital time scale Etc., and equipped with the same paragraph 12-120 movement.

Ref.565 and Ref.570 are still well adapted to today’s tastes thanks to their larger size and timeless design. Nowadays, the favorites of collectors are the watches with oversized Breguet digital time markers and two-tone dials. These rare and rare luxury replica watches review, very attractive, and occasionally see the auction, often at high prices.
Patek Philippe Calatrava Collection Ref.2526 watch

Patek Philippe Calatrava Series Ref.2526 watch came out in 1953, is one of the brand’s first automatic watch (if you put aside Ref.2552, but also the “one” can be removed). Ref.2526 watch case diameter 36 mm, with screw-in the bottom of the table and double-sided enamel dial, the total output of less than 600 (Note: Diamond models with a standard metal dial rather than enamel dial). Ref.2526 watch mostly made of gold, but there are a few applications rose gold, platinum or platinum material. All Ref.2526 watches are equipped with Caliber 12-600AT movement, the first Patek Philippe self-winding watch movement (apparently automatic movement in the early 1950s is not yet standard), beautifully decorated Ji Lou pattern, and Equipped with brand patent Gyromax balance wheel and 18K gold pendulum Tuo (also the history of the first touted Tuo Tuo).

It is important to note that the Gyromax balance has been used on all Patek Philippe watches since it was patented in 1952. Caliber 12-600AT is considered by many to be one of the best automatic caliber in history. Patek Philippe is very confident in its quality. The Ref.2526 replica watches review is marked with an average daily maximum error of less than 1 second. Imagine that in 1953 there were no CNC machine tools to reduce part tolerances and no advanced computer-controlled tools to calibrate the movement, but the accuracy of the Patek Philippe watchmakers’ hand-built timepieces exceeded current certification standards.

In terms of design, Ref.2526 watch after minor improvements, more in line with the trend of the 1950s. Case from the “coin edge” to “rounded rim” bezel from the flat, angular design into a convex design. The dial is still decorated with faceted bar-shaped hour markers and toffee pointers, and has a small seconds dial at 6 o’clock, very similar to the original Ref.96. Ref.2526 watch the proportion of more modern, better interpretation of time art. In addition, Ref.2526 watch crown engraved symmetrical “PP” words, rather than we used to see the Calatrava cross. Ref.2526 is an important milestone in the history of Calatrava and even Patek Philippe, taking into account the internal movement and the first automatic watch.
Patek Philippe Calatrava Collection Ref.3520 watch

By the early 1970s, Patek Philippe had created a colorful collection of Calatrava best replica watches review. In 1973, there was a future closely related to the series design – Paris nail pattern. To some extent, this decoration has deviated from the Bauhaus principle that molded the original Ref. 96 watch, because the Parisian bezel has no function. However, the Paris nail bezel bezel with a simple round case and straight lugs, absolutely stunning, this decoration to further enhance the Calatrava series of classic charm. Equipped with Cal. 177 manual winding movement, only the time display function, but the dial design changes, both Arabic numerals and Roman numerals. This design is extremely popular and is still in production today. The newest models are Ref. 5116 and Ref. 5119.

Although watch bezel decorated with Parisian patterns is most sought after, but Patek Philippe also created a more classic Ref.3520 watch, some of them with a flat bezel. Through these watches, we can trace the origin of the Calatrava series, the eternal charm of the Patek Philippe watch.
Patek Philippe Calatrava Collection Ref.3960 watch

In 1989, Patek Philippe celebrated the 150th anniversary of the brand’s creation and launched a number of special memorial timepieces, including the Ref. 3960, the first military watch in the Calatrava collection. The Ref. 3960 is still designed to follow the basic principles of the Calatrava collection, but from straight lugs and headscarves, to rare enamel dials and printed Breguet numbers, to blue steel hands and ancillary seconds, all Ref The 3960 watch is particularly distinctive. Case diameter 33 mm, despite the double table cover, but the thickness of only 8 mm.

The reason why Ref. 3960 is a military best replica reviews, because it is equipped with solid, polished hunting-style bottom cover. Open the bottom cover, but also to see a layer of engraved anniversary designs and words of the bottom cover. Further down, there is a built-in 215 hand-wound movement, assembled from 130 parts and providing 44 hours of power reserve. Historically, Patek Philippe produced a total of 2,000 gold models, 150 platinum models and 50 platinum models. Ref. 3960 is neither a technical achievement nor an initial cry in the Calatrava collection; however, it must be acknowledged as one of the most elegant and noteworthy collection of modern models, especially the Platinum and Platinum models.